The boys in action.

It’s been almost a full year since I wrote my last blog. And things have changed.

After almost 3 years of unschooling (if you don’t count the occasional wobble where I agree with the boys to ‘do Maths’ for a few days, so that their dad and I feel better) I think we have reached a major milestone. We’ve reached a point where we are no longer fully deschooling.

Let me explain.

N, who is 7 now and has never been to school, has decided last week that reading would be very helpful. This is totally his own decision. When he told me, I reminded him that we had signed up for Reading eggs (a learning to read application) a while back. At the time we thought it might help him to have the option because he was learning to read little words by himself on the computer and showed interest. This only really lasted for a very short time, so it had been untouched since. But now he’s decided that he is going to give it another go.

So for the last few days he’s done reading eggs lessons every night, just before bedtime which seems to suit him best. And of course only if and when he wants to and without any prompting.

Our middle son, D is now 11 and was asked to create the music for a computer game his friend is making. He has got a proper deadline and is working towards that. Lots of creative skills as well as business skills in that.

He also has a fair amount of conversations with friends who go to school where he explains to them how he home educates himself and how we are facilitators and not teachers like in school.

Then there is B, who’s 14 and has decided that the time has come to really look at his future. He’s not happy with how he spends his days anymore and wants to challenge himself more with his future in mind. So we made a plan together, so things became a bit clearer and he now is actively focussing on Maths. He wants to get that to a high enough level so he can move on to physics and engineering. He also decided that he’ll start with Biology and/ or Chemistry soon.

So after all this it’s clear to me that, even though it’s hard at times, standing back and letting the boys figure it out for themselves, make decisions for themselves at their own chosen time, is paying off.


They make their own decisions. They invest in it.

They are passionate, because they understand why.

They learn loads and they stay curious.

They are happy.




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3 Responses to The boys in action.

  1. Gina says:

    That is so positive.

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