Am I the mother I want to be?

I haven’t been blogging for a while and I’d like to share what’s been happening lately. As many of you know I have MS and my main symptom is and always has been fatigue. This is not the type of tiredness you can sleep off and can be debilitating which is frustrating and makes me grumpy and snappy at the kids.

Lately I have been working on my health (again) with the purpose to end up following the paleo diet, which I tried before, more strictly. I decided to follow a 21 day Cleanse ( This meant no gluten, no sugar, no coffee, no alcohol etc. and drinking lots of water.

I did well.

After about 4 days I suddenly start waking up between 7 and 8 am, had a shower, my morning lemon water and ‘alone time’ before properly waking up my boys. As far as I remember this had never happened before. My head seemed ‘lighter’, my memory seemed better (even my kids mentioned it), I was happier within myself but above all my patience returned and I took the time to communicate way more calmly, because I suppose I felt I had the time and energy.

This is the mum I’d like to be.

I went on and followed the Cleanse strictly and didn’t stray once, until day 19…
We are now 4 days further and I am back on my paleo plan and feeling better about it, but after I strayed from my diet I noticed a major difference! My fatigue returned and with it my grumpiness. Yesterday I snapped at my 5 year old because he didn’t want to clean up his Lego alone. He asked me if I could help him, but I just felt drained.

So I snapped and I guess that woke me up big time!
I have now decided that I am going to stay on the diet and only stray if there is a special occasion and I feel I can ‘recover’ the next day. I am not sure if I can actually stick to that, but I’ll try. This is not just for me and my health. I am also able to give my boys the mother they deserve.

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2 Responses to Am I the mother I want to be?

  1. rossmountney says:

    A really uplifting post. And don’t forget – it’s not only about giving your kids the mother they deserve – I’m sure they have that anyway and don’t be hard on yourself – but you’re also teaching them to understand how important it is to look after oneself well. Such a valuable lesson for them too. xx Take care. xx

    • Thanks and you are quite right Ross. My eldest two are a lot more aware about nutritional value these days and even though they still eat food that is not particularly healthy it has now become a choice. My eldest has given up fizzy drinks all together and is reading a book about the (negative) effects of sugar. Yet another lesson learned for all. 🙂 xx

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