A win-win situation!

After reading my friend’s blog (http://homeednovice.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/a-little-wobble.html?m=1) about her thoughts about home educating her three boys I started thinking about us. After all her three boys are not much younger than ours.
Do we really need a different approach for each of the boys?
As our approach is very much child led I suppose the answer could be yes, but when I think about the overall picture I don’t think that that is actually the case. I deal with every situation individually therefore it doesn’t matter who asks for my help. I will deal with the question in a way that is most suitable for the one who is asking.
I used to ‘teach’ the boys, was quite organised, planned lessons and sat with them making sure they would do their ‘work’. I cringe at the thought of that now. I realise now that I actually recreated school at home, which didn’t do any of us any favours. It was very tiring for me and not particularly enjoyable for them, especially the bits they really didn’t want to do but were being ‘forced’ to do. Feeling really bad about that now to be honest.
Nowadays I listen much better to what they want and need and follow them in stead of expecting them to follow my wants and needs. And surprisingly this works really well. Everybody seems to get the time to do what they want and need and what is appropriate for them in terms of their level, their preferred approach and interests.
A win-win situation!
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